Action! Danger! Jimmy! And his...talking shorts? Check out tons of funny shorts including Jimmy and his talking Blue Shorts!

Other Episodes

Jimmy gets the best of those evil vampires. Uni-Corn-Cob Bob learns why to leave his window closed at night. Mr. Skeeto teaches us about redwood trees. An annoying alien and a hippie dude have an annoying conversation.

In This Episode: Jimmy encounters Secret Agent Stainless Steel, Wonder Wally the Wall-Eyed Superhero, and Cooking Right With Spoony.

Amazing locker portals, pig time machines and super smartphone robots all together with the Kevins from Jimmy Blue Shorts!

In This Episode: Jimmy Vs. Angry Pirates, Ticklish Pencil, Time Machine and Discriminated Fish.


Epic waffle battle trilogy from Jimmy Blue Shorts features waffles, pancakes and even french toast! Jimmy vs Suzie Spaceflier!

Jimmy Blue Shorts helps Suzy Spacefliar get a valuable space emerald from the Space Temple of Doom! Wonder Wally solves two problems at once next to a train track.